titanfall 2 modding and custom server framework

Fast and easy to use Northstar installer, updater, launcher, and mod-manager. Features built-in mod browser and allows for easy installation of pre-release versions of Northstar.

Supports Windows and Linux.
Easy to use and extensive Northstar installer and mod-manager. Supports installing from Thunderstore as well as from outside sources like GitHub/GitLab. Supports installing custom weapon/pilot skins and managing dedicated servers.

Supports Windows.
Simple and easy to use Northstar installer and auto-updater. Allows launching both Northstar and vanilla Titanfall 2. Features mod-manager and built-in mod browser for Thunderstore.

Supports Windows and Linux.
You may also choose to install Northstar manually. Note that Northstar does not automatically update when installed this way.

If you're having issues with running or setting up the Northstar client or are thinking of running a dedicated server you can find help and troubleshooting tips on the wiki and the Discord server:

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