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Yes, that’s right. Northstar is over two years old now! :O

For those unaware, Northstar had its first public release on the 24th of December 2021 which makes it over two years old now :eyes:

Screenshot of the first Northstar release

Now most of us tend to be busy over the Christmas Holidays so we moved the “official” anniversary to January 8th ;)


With that out of the way, we wanna celebrate Northstar’s second anniversary, by giving a first preview on the Mod-Auto-Download functionality we are working on. You may remember this from our little teaser in the Christmas trailer.

This feature allows you to automatically download any mod (that has been verified to be secure) required by a server as you join it. And while there are still a bunch of things to figure out and reverse in the game to allow for example custom maps and other assets to be loaded as you join a server, it already works well enough for things like custom gamemodes.


As such we are already temporarily enabling Mod-Auto-Download in its current state to bring you the Parkour gamemode.

Race your friends and a global leaderboard and try to come out on top in this new mode as you go from checkpoint to checkpoint in the shortest amount of time.

To celebrate it, we also got not just one but two trailers highlighting the mode, check them out:

Closing words

With all that said, we are always constantly working on both improving the existing Northstar code and adding new features. Northstar is a huge community with over a hundred different contributors and we couldn’t do anything without them.

If you wanna join us and help build the future of Titanfall2, check out our source code on GitHub and hop on in into our Discord server. We are always happy to have more people joining the project and we are more than happy to help if you have any questions.

So enjoy the new parkour mode for a limited time and see you on the Frontier, pilots o7